Cities across the world have vibrant waterside communities and many have iconic landmark buildings which are widely recognised. 

This whole waterside development will bring to life an area of Inverness that is currently unused or industrial.  It will create much needed new housing including social housing and private ownership as well as opportunities for businesses to open up.  It will also create a truly iconic new building for the area, capturing the vibrancy of the capital of the Highlands. 

The key aims for this scheme are to:

  • Regenerate a currently industrial waterside site
  • Replace industrial, commercial and vacant land with new mixed tenure housing
  • Add new high quality housing with striking architecture and landscape
  • Create an iconic landmark building
  • Open up the waterside to more public use with new open spaces and pedestrian links into the city centre
  • Develop business opportunities that will complement existing commercial user

Various documents including The Inverness City Vision’ and the ‘Inverness Local Plan’ all demonstrate a desire to regenerate the south Kessock Area of Inverness, to diversify housing tenure in the area, and to maximise and develop the riverside of the city.  The Scottish Government has also prioritised the need for regeneration of inner-city sites.  On all counts, this development will have a hugely positive social and economic impact on Inverness.

We believe this proposal will do just that.